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Duck Hunting 2019 : Mallards and Geese On Skinny Water

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Добавлено by kopitos В Рыбалка зимняя
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On this duck hunt Whit and I headed to one of his beaver ponds to try and get on some mallards and geese that had been frequenting the area. We setup in the kayaks in some flooded grass with only a few decoys out knowing that we'd most likely be seeing stale birds. The morning flight was decent and we were able to knock down 2 drake mallards early on. It died off pretty quickly however leading to a long period where we saw hardly anything flying. Finally we had 4 geese come right in, of which we were able to bag all 4, and a mallard drake followed them in shortly after. For not hunting that spot before it was a productive morning and one that'll make us more effective in that spot in the future. Hope y'all enjoy!

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